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I matriculated last November to pursue the MBA at The Open University Business School. It was five years ago, at 32 years of age, that I first heard of the Master of Business Administration degree. Ever since, I have wanted to earn an MBA. However, I was short of personal funds which would enable me to quit my job and concentrate on my studies. So I intended to find an overseas distance learning program. Last summer, I received an offer from another business school, but I learned that for this foreign distance-learning MBA program, the Residential School attendance requirement and duration were significantly longer that they would affect my working hours. I was beginning to consider earning an MBA from domestic graduate schools, when I found The Open University MBA programme on the Internet. I contacted the secretariat immediately and was lucky to be interviewed on the following day.

I chose to study at The Open University for these three reasons: First of all, I wanted to further improve my growth as a global businessperson by putting myself in a highly competitive situation where I had to cope with using English in learning and self-expression. Second, I value the triple accreditation from Europe and other countries of the world. Finally, I place confidence in the OU system of education focusing on distance learning.

After my enrollment, I had the “real stuff” to learn from, namely the web instruction and the textbooks sent to me by the university by post mail. There was a requirement of submitting a total of seven reports, once every six weeks. At first, I could only read one page per day, and the knowledge I got from reading the previous page would disappear when I started reading another page. To accommodate this, I would download the web texts, put them into Japanese by Google Translation, and print them out for my study. I am glad that recently, I can read the learning materials without taking such trouble. It is certainly difficult to pace oneself as we study in distance learning, but I am gaining a lot of feedback from sharing the learning process with the fellow students on the web, by Skype, on Facebook, etc. When I am lost, I appreciate that my classmates always help me in response to my questions in poor English.

I attended the Residential School for five days in the initial year of our MBA studies, where I participated repeatedly discussions every day, from morning till evening. There are no lecture-style classes where the students just listen to the professor, as we have in Japan. In the OU MBA Residential School, we are given topics and the rest is intensive discussion. By attending the Residential School, Japanese students can take advantage of the totally new kind of teamwork, learning environment, and absorption of remarkable ideas.

People have different conceptions of the MBA degree, and they might approve or disapprove of the program conditions for domestic, overseas, regular attendance, and distance learning options. I made the choice to put myself in an English immersion setting where I could not use my native language. I am convinced that the rewards surpass the hardships, such as reading and understanding the assigned material, compared with Japanese programs. I hear that the OU MBA Programme secretariat have been recruiting candidates since the Fall Term of 2010. I am informed that there are still just six students enrolled in the programme, and the first group of students is just beginning their third year. In November, I will start my second year of MBA study and expect I will spend the next two years in rigorous training. Please allow me to invite you to join the programme. I hope to meet you soon!

昨年11月にオープン・ユニバーシティに入学しました。MBAという修士号の存在を知ったのは、5年前、32歳の時で、それからずっと、MBAの本場である海外MBAを取得したいと考えておりました。しかし、会社を退職して留学に専念する財力もなく、仕事を続けながらMBAを取得できる通信を希望しておりました。昨夏、他校のOfferもいただいておりましたが、とある海外の通信制MBAの場合、Residential schoolの年間出席回数・日数が仕事に影響を及ぼすほど著しく長いことや、日本国内大学院のMBAといった選択肢のなかで、国内大学院の進学を決心しようとした時に、偶然オープン・ユニバーシティのMBAをインターネットで知り、すぐに問い合わせをさせて頂き、翌日には面接まで受けさせていただきました。



そして1年目は、5日間のResidential schoolが1回あり、そこで海外のメンバーと毎日朝から晩までDiscussionを何度も行います。Residential schoolには日本のような、聞くだけの授業はなく、題材だけ与えられあとは討論のみです。そこでは日本人には考えもつかない仲間の環境や素晴らしいアイデアを吸収することができます。


~Residential School 体験記~



  • 素晴らしい演習
  • 学んだことを有機的に連携
  • 語学力の差を痛感
  • 世界を感じる


・短期間で集中的にこれまでの学びを連携して振り返ることができること ・異なる国のメンバーと様々なFace to faceでディスカッションを行うことで国際的な対応力を身につけることが出来ること

私の初めてのResidential schoolは語学力・知識全てにおいて厳しい試練でした。しかしながら、これまでのテキストで学んだことを振り返り、各Unitの内容を連携できたこと、そしてグローバルの仲間たちとディスカッションと通じて自身の語学力を認識できたことは、日本にいて出来るものではないと思います。そしてそれは次の目標になります。次回のレジデンシャルスクールには、対等にディスカッションができるようにすることが私の目標です。



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